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Gravity IT Solutions is a multi-dimensional firm with the vision and aim to provide IT services at affordable price and with ISO standards compliance. We specialize in offering web, cell phone, and VOIP solutions for the local and global market. Our primary objective is to provide our clients with solutions that streamline their business processes and allow them to be ahead of their competition.With professional team, we have a vast experience of developing and implementing business solutions which guarantee high quality.

Gravity IT Solutions’ focus on proposing a solution is to enable client to manage their resources more efficiently and accurately by using latest IT technologies. Gravity It solutions makes sure that additional benefits of interoperability, standard compliance, global community support, no customer lock-in and low total cost of ownership (TCO) are added to our professional approach.


Providing professional, high quality, reliable, efficient and affordable software solutions while maintaining the ease and simplicity of usage to all of our customers.


Providing professional, high quality, reliable, efficient and affordable software solutions while maintaining the ease and simplicity of usage to all of our customers.


Gravity provides a very professional and long term project strategy before starting our client Job and thus we use to follow the lines below to make an efficient strategy to meet the client's necessity.

Analysis of client's requirements and goal.
Understanding client's internal department needs.
Analysis of current system shortfalls.
Analysis of client's current branding/marketing status.
Understanding various target audiences of the client
Gauging short/mid/long-term objectives.
Set strategic Objectives and establish a plan for them.


We call ourselves as services provider and not products provider. We understand that our success is based directly on the success of our clients, and that is why we consider ourselves partners with each of our customers. Accordingly we are fully responsible for the smooth running of our Software Systems.



It is not only certain characteristics within a company, but actually a mindset. It is the very core of an organization. Likewise,


We must improve in regard to organizational quality and performance by focusing on improving customer satisfaction. In order to successfully achieve this we must enhance our processes and expand our productivity. After all, we believe that today should overtake yesterday in terms of our accomplishments.


Our work is meticulously accomplished and is subjected to continuous improvements, thereby setting higher goals for ourselves. Doing the very best that we can is our professional obligation to all our stakeholders.


Our customers are extremely important to us. We maintain open communication with our clients via different channels. In addition, we ensure that their concerns are readily addressed and they are fully contented with the progression and/or completion of their projects. After all, we believe in building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients. Their success is our success, and we strive to not only meet but exceed their expectations.


The right solution means difference between getting ahead and staying there and falling behind. We do believe that we have found the formula for success by offering the right solutions to the problems as well as building long term partnership with end users. We believe that any software solution is only as good as the company that conceives it, formulates it and stands by it. To be successful in today's competitive business environment, you need more than just managerial vision and excellent staff. You need to manage information, for which an optimized software system is a critical asset.

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