Gravity School

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GSMS is high end school management software solution, providing management with the ability to manage and monitor, as well as interact with their students, their parents individually, as a pre-defined group or to the whole class. Rising to the challenge and requirements of today's modern schools, GSMS provides the ability to deliver, manage school activities, finances and administer various policies and maintaining focus at all times.


1. Employee and payroll management provides leave and attendence, allowance, increments and Salary deduction management.

2. Manages defination of account heads, cash book, JV, ledgers, Income statement, Trial balance, Balance sheet.

3. Students & parents can check results, attendence, fee payments, recommended books for the required courses.

4. Manage monthly & yearly fees, generate reports like pending receipts, sibling concision, total receivables & much more.

5. One time setup and configuration, classes, subjects, sessions, groups, fee structure, accounts etc.

6. Student registration, previous academic details and searching students like core activities are made simple.

7. Role based access & secure login so that users can easily retrieve or store data which is allowed by admin

8. Students exams marks awarded & successful students are promoted and results can be delivered via SMS, email or website.

9. Notice board allows communication between parents, teachers and administration.

Gravity Accounts

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The product is rich in its features. It provides for the selection of main account heads and sub heads at your own choice. The system not only allows users to setup bank accounts of the company and to edit registration information of bank accounts but also to update bank account with every transaction. All payment and receipt advices are automatically loaded into the system and payment and receipt memo are generated on filling the required information and on pressing the button


1. Ledger reports

2. Profit reports

3.Stocks reports

4. Sales reports

5. Purchases reports

6. Setup your own main account heads and sub heads along with their attributes.

7. Setup bank accounts and their operating details.

8. Make and receive payments under mentioned account heads.

9. Auto numbering system for all transactions.

10. Company setup and financial year setup.

11. Print all transaction vouchers memo & receipts etc.

12. Conflict resolution on payments and receipts.

13. Accounting reports for all transactions, ledger summaries and statements.

14. Reverse entries and adjusting entries in case of error.

Gravity lab

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Gravity Lab is designed by keeping modern age Labs and their requirements in front of us. With the right solution, laboratories can gain maximum advantage from their existing resources, while implementing solutions that achieve efficiency, scalability and control of entire setup. With the right solution, laboratories can get greater value out of their existing investments, freeing them to run the labs more effectively, and change how they operate to become more competitive.


1. Increase Efficiency: To make quick decisions by retrieving the required data with few clicks only.

2. Organize Records: Once the system is completely in placed, it is easy to locate any record.

3. Optimize Processes: Since the records are stored at a centralized location it is very easy to implement any policy on organizational level.

4. Availability: the system also ensures that the records are readily available to anyone as required.

5. increase Effeciency: To increase efficiencies, management needs the ability to integrate existing business processes.

6. Agile: To become more agile, Labs need the ability to rapidly change and assemble new processes to support new requirements.

7. Optimize process: When records are readily available, it becomes an easy task to manage and compare standard indicators with the current indicators of performance.

Gravity GOS

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Retail Systems Management is the ability to manage and control the individual components, both hardware and software, of Retail Store Automation. Retail store systems are ever increasing in complexity, and devices include Point-of-Sale (POS) systems (store controllers, POS terminals, printers, payment devices, displays, fixed and hand held bar code scanners), kiosks, scale systems self-checkout systems, the software that controls all these devices, and the networks that connect them. The real benefits of retail management increase with the complexity of the IT infrastructure of retail stores provided there is a common means to access it all. Benefits to the retailer accrue with the ability to standardize and manage store systems and operational processes without intervention by untrained store personnel. The goal is, of course, reduced IT costs but also include increased performance and up-time of store level systems that maximize operational efficiency and increase the customers’ satisfaction with their shopping experience.


1. Produce quotations, purchase orders, requisitions, track sales and purchases and response from vendors and prepare comparative statement of tenders.

2. Manage your bank accounts.

3. Manage discounts, incentives and other give away that you may want to offer at your store.

4. Double entry system for all accounts which assures of balanced transactions.

5. Create and manage accounts or sub accounts according to your business structure.

6. Auto numbering system for all transactions.

7. Reverse entries and adjusting entries in case of error.

8. Preview, print, or export data in reports using the reporting module. For example Ledger reports, Profit reports, Stocks reports, Sales reports, Purchases reports.

9. Easily export Store Operations data to Microsoft Excel for viewing and analysis.

9. Create and manage inventory categories and inventory items under categories & add their attributes.

9. Create and manage employees using the human resource module.

Gravity Town

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Gravity Town is a Residential and Commercial Property Management Software solution designed specifically to help today's Real Estate professionals work more efficiently and effectively. It includes a completely integrated accounting system that offers a General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budgeting, and Drill-Down Financial Reports that integrate seamlessly with a powerful property management system.
By providing all of the tools you need such as work orders, website integration, and resident screening, Gravity Town enables you to get more organized and be more productive. You get the sophistication the back office personnel need and the simplicity your managers need to get up and running quickly.


1. Keep your accounting in balance at all times.

2. Track everything you want to know about your customers and clients.

3. Examine and assess every aspect of your business with our robust reporting suite

4. Track everything from loan terms, rates, and conditions to payment scheduling

5. Track and manage your units, plots and buildings for the whole town

6. Easily search through your records for information.

7. Create and manage new customers via new application button

Customer Management

1. Plot Management.

2. Deal Management.

3. Instalment Management.

4. Instalment Request Management

5. Customer Reports

6. Monthly Reports

7. Accounts Management

8. Search System

9. News Updates

Gravity Logistics

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Gravity Logistics is advanced & feature-rich logistics software for freight management companies. Its powerful features and ease of use make it a perfect match for freight forwarders and warehouses looking for affordable solutions.
Gravity Logistics handles all the requirements of a Cargo Warehouse operation including Warehouse Receives, Warehouse Withdraws, Labels, On Hand Reports and Invoices. The Ocean Export and Air Export modules provide an array of features including Quotes, Bookings, Manifest, Labels, Waybills (Houses, Masters, Directs) and reports that will let you keep track of your company operations at all times.
Gravity Logistics workflow follows the well-established industry processes. Moreover, the system is based on the industry familiar forms and processes using the easy-to-use screens.


1. Effectively manage shipping operations for freight forwarders like Ocean import, Air import, Pickup and delivery

2. Quickly create quotes and import shipments via Ocean import, Air import, Domestic freight

3. This module provides all your Banking needs including bank transfers, adjustments, deposits, checks.

4. Centralize your sales rep quotes as well as your customers, leads, destination, agents, etc

5. Generate reports including purchase order, invoices, flight, airway bills, inventory, bill of lading, etc.

6. With account receivable you can Streamline your entire receivable process

7. Appointments, quotes, proof of delivery or cargo status update all in one module.

8. Generate Payroll checks and seamless transfer to A/P & GL

9. General Ledger module is the heart of our business accounting solution and is our most powerful module

Gravity Industry

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In this era, keeping the track of your business and clients is a very daunting task. Fortunately nowadays technology offers us with a verity of solutions that could make our life easier without much to change.
According to our survey and experience, industrialists normally come across two problems.
1) They have no idea what is the status of their finances of businesses,
2) They have no clear picture of their productions and products along the market track.
Right industrial management system (RIMS) do provides us with immediate solutions for the mentioned problems. In this paper a complete elaboration of the system is provided. RIMS is designed by keeping modern age and state of art production units in front of us. RIMS enables the production units to gin maximum advantages from their existing resources, while implementing dynamic policies that achieves efficiency, scalability and control over the entire setup.
In this always changing world the access of information has changed from “what to access” to “how to access”.


1. Use Authentication feature to delegate rights to your managers and end users. This module also provides attendance register.

2. Accounts Management control allows comprehensive management of accounts without the need of cumbersome posting of vouchers. Integrated with invoicing and shipment, the accounts module automatically manages posting of received into appropriate accounts heads. Salaries, assets, capital, expenses and revenues are managed completely in a single module.

3. Keep complete track of finished products and raw materials, Stock management Module will allow automatic deduction and additions or per annum adjustments to the stocks required.

4. Get a calculated yield on raw materials as well as set up product formulations and combinations of materials for finished goods. Production management module may be used for production estimated versus costs and effort required.

5. Preview, print, or export data in reports using the reporting module. For example Ledger reports, Profit reports, Stocks reports, Sales reports, Purchases reports.

6. Easily export Store Operations data to Microsoft Excel for viewing and analysis.

7. Create and manage inventory categories and inventory items under categories & add their attributes.

8. Create and manage employees using the human resource module.

Gravity Workshop

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This application is specifically designed for workshop owners where multiple cars are maintained at the same time. It helps the work shop owner to keep track of his financials as well as workshop activities.


1. Financial management

  • a)Pre defined chart of accounts, create and manage sub-accounts according to your business structure
  • b)Manage your bank accounts
  • c)Manage discounts, incentives and other give away that you may want to offer
  • d)Double entry system for all accounts which assures of balanced transactions
  • e)Auto numbering system for all transactions
  • f)Reverse entries and adjusting entries in case of error
  • g)Preview, print, or export data in reports using the reporting module. For example Ledger reports, Profit reports, Stocks reports, Sales reports, Purchases reports

2. Inventory

  • a) Each vehicle is assigned a cabin number which is unique across all the processes in the application.
  • b) Each vehicle is assigned an employee who is approved and instructed by a supervisor.
  • c) Images for each vehicle before and after maintenance are kept for record purposes.
  • d) It Produces demand note, purchase orders, and delivery notes.
  • e) Parts are issued against job card from the stock.

3. Human resource

  • Employee Registration, Attendance, Allowances, Salary Payment, Salary Increase, Salary Decrease, Resigning

4. Settings

  • a. Manage products, categories, employees, companies, cabins, locations, destinations and units
  • b. Add, edit and update functionality ensures that up to date information is placed in the database.

5. Role based user management

  • a. Define access levels for supervisors, mechanics, accountants, and employees
  • b. User standard registration module

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